Healing Sessions

Do I have to physically be present with Charles for a Healing Session?

No…To request a Healing Session with Charles…

Send an email to: ctdaily@gmail.com

Charles is available for Healing Sessions 24/7.

These Healing Sessions are about you coming back into contact with your own Spiritual Consciousness.

What should I expect during a Healing Session with Charles?

You may encounter past memories of emotional issues, while at the same time connecting to what many people identify as their Spiritual Self. Try to allow anything that comes up to just happen. Don’t try to control the process.

Report back to Charles about your progress!

If Charles doesn’t hear back from you – he will assume that this particular Healing Session was effective for you. Please stay in contact with Charles via email to report your progress or to request another Session.

How much do Healing Sessions cost with Charles?

Charles does not charge for Healing Sessions.

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